Natural Disaster

Today, I have a hurricane placed inside my brain.
This is so agonizing, the pain that hurricanes create, places a strain and it will drain me.

There is no way to slay the pain, I just don’t feel sane.
I’ll try to explain the way my day functions,
hop on aboard – onto my train.

My thoughts have consumed me, it has now detained me.
My brain maintains the thought that terminating my life will end the pain – I’m literally going insane.
This is what happens when there is a hurricane.
You damage the very things that have value to you,
so I’m just trying to break this chain.
Please don’t judge me – stay in your lane.

Above all of this, I am a living, breathing hypocrite.
You see me preaching about abstaining from allowing pain to consume you
while, at the same time, I sit there trying to contain the raging pain inside me.
I genuinely don’t want people to think that I love to complain, so I remain in pain.

If this is the pain that God ‎ﷻ has ordained
in order to obtain a status with him then I won’t end my day.
I will embrace the pain.

Please pray that I free myself from this chain
so I can make gains,
I promise to maintain my life.

🌪 F.A. 05/05/2017 🌪

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