if a human being was brave
enough to open up to you asking you to save
them then how dare you give them the look as if they’ve
become a burden to you, you’ve basically dug their own grave…

you gave
her the idea that she is not worth anything, that she is not on your wave…
you didn’t her allow her to open up, you sent her back to the cave
placed inside her brain which tells her everyday that she is not worth living… and guess what? she obeyed her mind like a slave.

she went and she killed herself just because you couldn’t pave
that path for her to be safe, you didn’t want to behave and
you had grudges against her for things that you could’ve just forgave.

i don’t get it…
why can’t we understand that nobody in this world is perfect?
why can’t we just be empathetic towards each other respect,
our hustles and struggles and protect,
why do we gotta make others feel like they are a defect?

why can’t we look after each other man it’s not everyday conflict.
I don’t understand why we can’t be patient for each other, instead we inflict
upon each other pain and
this idea that we can depict
this idea that we can predict
true feelings of that one depressed individual and thus we evict
her away from our presence
and we limit and restrict,
our interactions towards that girl man
why are we so strict?

Look at you man she was sick.
She needed your help instead you decided to pick being selfish
you chose to be a dick.
now you’ve got to stick,
with the fact that you could have prevented the death of this chick.

she slit her wrists,
in the midst,
of her pain man she was pissed,
at life, she constantly felt dismissed,
she felt like she didn’t exist,
and thus didn’t want to exist,
she couldn’t resist,
being alive.
So she ended her life.
I don’t wanna continue making you feel guilty, I know you get the gist.

F.A. 10/04/2017

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