Somalia’s famine πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΄


damn… my people are in a famine,
let’s examine,
the damage,
that they’re facing let’s imagine.
the fact that they have nothing to eat – not even salmon,
and our precious animals are dying – our goats & our camels…

how did this happen?
it’s saddens me,
i feel as though i’m slacking, and
i’m lacking &
i guess we have to all start stacking.
even if it is as small as a penny – start bagging.
let’s not forget to start asking,
Allah β€Žο·» to aid these people – we must not start detaching
ourselves from the dhikr of Allah β€Žο·» β€” this should not be distracting
us from him rather we must be thanking
him for the gifts he’s allowed us to be having.

we must renavigate ourselves β€” ain’t no time for relaxing.
this dunya isn’t our permanent abode so are you planning?
for the eternal life ahead of us β€” start panicking if you’re unable to answer that question & start replanning.
but as long as you’re alive you have the chance to start impacting
your akhirah,
i’m not here to be damning.
but this is an issue that we all should be tackling,
together, with the permission of Allah β€Žο·», this is something we will all be combatting.

this drought is a test upon us, is Islam really our passion?
can we really show compassion?
or did our hearts blacken?
will we pass this exam and,
jump on the wagon,
of donating water as much as a gallon?
this may be a challenge,
but we can do this by saving the money we spend on a salad,
sacrificing something that little could get you an eternal palace,
if Allah β€Žο·» wills it, He may even raise your status.

nevertheless, Somalia is progressing β€” i’m saying this so there can be a balance,
we recently had the opportunity to elect a president on a ballot,
and we have a government that’s running on the mandate of the people yes it’s valid,
so now is not the time to be in silence,
and it most certainly isn’t the time to be showing absence,
do you not have a conscience?
Somalia should not be abandoned,
we all have talents,
that we could put into action,
the chances,
that Somalia has,
the West cannot offer even a fraction.
all we really need is to make it a habit,
learning and becoming professionals by practice,
so we can teach it to the people and start classes,
greatness can happen,
we can even build mansions,
Somalia can look as beautiful as a canvas
but we must become a nation that can stay standing,
it can happen,
just don’t forget to keep asking.

🌷F.A. 09/03/2017 🌷


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