Islam: the religion of submission.

“For you is your religion & I have my Deen”
How many times have I seen
this verse yet I never took it deep…
I mean,
this verse is absolutely serene in that,
everytime I been
a tiny bit tempted by the lifestyle shaytaan places on our screens…
It reminds me,
that we both live for different purposes, I should never sacrifice my deen,
I should remember the Lord of the worlds and the unseen,
Shaytaan keeps whispering in our ears like
“Girl go out, have some fun, you’re just eighteen!”
“Look at your snapchat screen! Do you really want to miss out being in that scene?!”
and right now all I’m saying is “Yes, I don’t wanna be in that scene because I wanna keep my heart clean.”
I want to advise you guys that this life is temporary but whatever you is between
you and Allah so I can’t intervene,
all I ask is for Allah to make your heart clean.

🌷 F.A. 18/03/2017 🌷

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