Muslim Woman

This deen, this religion,
I’ve seen, has been my provision,
Bestowing upon me peace, and thus
approaching life with ease.

It is my protection, my prevention from oppression,
and from the toxic societial pressure,
it truly is my biggest treasure.

Being covered, invokes people to observe me by my intelligence,
and not my fashion sense.
My presence is established not because of my appearance,
well…. maybe because of my difference, and my deviance,
and by my obedience to my Lord,
which I believe is a form of elegance and brillance.
May Allah ‎ﷻ lead me to the path of guidance.

The hijaab and the jilbaab is a sign of excellence,
I hereby reference that the wives and daughters of RasoolAllah ﷺ – such women of importance,
wore these clothings and still shined with eloquence.

But tolerance… this society screams,
as they seek vengeance and violence against my preference.
I will not be silenced, rather I must maintain patience, a goodly patience,
The hijaab is my very essence and,
Your ignorance shall not be given any significance,
again I ask Allah ‎ﷻ to show us sisters strength & guidance.

F.A 12/02/2017 🌷

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