Motivated and Motivational woman: spoken word.

It’s upon me, Faiza, to motivate,

to participate, and to avoid allowing myself to procrastinate.

How do you do this? Well you regulate, and you dedicate, don’t give yourself the chance to hesitate.
Cultivate yourself, oh darling, participate, allow yourself to communicate… little did she know that that this would become a thing which she now anticipates…

now she wishes to educate… to motivate and to participate.
She wishes to eradicate &
to change the state of the minds of girls
which dictates to self hate,
my darling why don’t you realise that you could be great?
there’s no discussion or debate.
My darling please don’t harbour self hate, for when the time comes whereby you procreate,
you’ll narrate and thereby create a generation of deadweights.
My beautiful sister, I ask of you to expiate this notion of self hate.
This is something I strongly advocate,
Don’t complicate or concentrate on your physical self.
Rather, you must elevate yourself by improving your character, your conduct and thereby compensate your physical self for your inner self.
I hereby indicate that if you follow this model, your future generations – even the current generation will imitate,
and not tolerate any human to perpetuate the notion of self hate.
We must segregate ourselves from self distaste,
and replicate and duplicate ourselves into becoming great.
We must become articulate, and aim to graduate & thus educate.
We must illustrate the very picture that if we integrate , we can instigate the development of sophiscated peoples.
We must not underrate nor underestimate the power we have to radiate – we must demonstate.

Nevertheless, I hope this resonates,
I pray that we become of those that innovate,
and navigate ourselves from self hate.
We must appreciate the gifts we have,
we must eliminate and accomodate for our flaws,
don’t let yourself contaminate your mind with negativity,
yes it’s important to evaluate, but
don’t allow yourself to exaggerate the negatives and refuse to elaborate on the positives,
but it’s never to late,
please do contemplate,
and initiate conversations with people that may relate,
don’t isolate,
people, I ask for you guys to cooperate,
support each other and mediate,
do not instigate,
and as we congregate, I hope this piece has given you a reason to advocate.
Boys and girls, just to reiterate,
this poem isn’t solely aimed at the female race,
rather we must all medicate ourselves from the poison of self doubt and self hate. boys you may go through this, personally I don’t know and I cannot estimate,

but sisters, lets liberate ourselves from this darkness,
let’s allow ourselves to dominate,
and in the future, do not hibernate, make sure you negotiate, though this could frustrate and irritate people in this male dominated society – if we assert ourselves and show that this is how we will now operate,
we will populate the workforce with strong willed women,
oh how this will escalate,
we will look back at history and fascinate the world.
Something we can later celebrate.
Please take the time to consolidate the words that I’ve just stated.
If you’re gonna take one thing from this poem,
it’s that you guys need to concentrate,
I hope this poem has served it’s purpose.. to motivate.

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